8 Surprising Facts About Turtles You Can Read Now!

8 Surprising Facts About Turtles You Can Read Now!

Turtles are adorable as pets, but how much do you know about them?

What vertebrate class is a turtle?

Do they have teeth?

What makes them sick?

Here is a list of seven killer facts about these creatures!


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Are turtles fish?

Many people believe they are, but they are reptiles.

They belong to the class of chelonians, together with tortoises and terrapins.

Since they have lungs, this is how they breathe.

They cannot stay underwater for too long, but they can endure it more than people.


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Can turtles bite?

They do not have teeth, but they can bite.

It can be excruciating. They only do it to protect themselves.

If you do not want a turtle to sink its teeth into you, you need to be gentle.

If a turtle feels it is in danger in your presence, watch out!


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Can turtles feel temperatures?

These reptiles cannot regulate the temperatures of their bodies like people.

Their temperature depends on their surroundings, being on land or underwater.

If you own a turtle, you need to control the temperature of its tank.

Do turtles have a mouth?

Turtles have something a little bit different.

It is called a beak. Their beaks are horny, and carnivorous turtles have them sharp and hooked.

It is similar to what birds have.

How do I know my turtle’s sex?

Only experts can determine the sex of turtles.

If you want to try figuring it out, here is something that can come in handy!

Males have longer and thicker tails.

Also, their front claws are longer.


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Can turtles get sick?

Turtles can get sick, and sometimes that can be grave.

For example, they can get a respiratory infection or cold.

If you do not see a vet, your turtle can get pneumonia.

It often leads to a turtle’s death, and it happens soon.

How will you know your pet is sick? If you notice it is lethargic, this can be a problem.

Other problematic symptoms are lack of appetite, strained breathing, and wheezing.

If it all comes together with a runny nose and swollen eyes, you need a vet immediately!

Also, be sure to maintain the tank’s temperature to approximately 90 degrees.

Can turtles drown?

Yes. But if you think your turtle has drowned, never flip it over!

Perhaps it has some air left in the lungs.

If you turn it upside down, it will certainly die.

Do the next thing instead. Place it gently on a flat area and move its front legs inwards and outwards firmly.

The water gathered in the lungs will go through the nose this way.

Do not worry if your turtle is still. These creatures tend to be like that.

But call a vet right away! Turtles also tend to sink to the bottom of the tank like a rock.

They can drown when this happens. You need to be careful.


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Can a turtles shell break?

Yes, when they fall or get hit by something.

This is a problem for a vet to solve.

You also want to prevent shell rot to avoid bacterial or fungal infections.

Did you know these things?

Are you thinking about getting a turtle now?

If you do, hopefully, you will find this information handy.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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