8 Must-Know Things When Training A Puppy

Puppies are not difficult to train. Yet, you need to know how to do it right.

That is why we give you a list of 8 essential elements of puppy training!

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Keep reading and learn important details!

Does my puppy need many positive reinforcements?

You can never use too many of them. Just like people, puppies love praises.

They like gifts even more. You can give them some treats. They will always say yes to this.

Whatever you do, NEVER use negative reinforcements.

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Things like shouting, scolding, or hitting are out of the question!

You do not want your dog to feel scared of you.

Avoid sprays, prong collars, and electric shock collars.

Imagine someone used them on you! It is terrifying, and puppies hate it!

How can I reward my puppy?

We have already mentioned treats and praises, but they also like walks and playtime.

If you want to use treats the most, do not exaggerate. It is not very healthy.

Balance is essential here. Also, see how your puppy reacts to simple things. Later add more.

How do I know my puppy respects me?

Dogs form packs. They need leaders. If your puppy respects you, it will see you as a leader.

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But do not use it to be firm. Always be gentle instead.

Should I teach my puppy the meaning of no?

You can say no to your pup, but do not punish it.

Even when there is excessive barking, biting people, or jumping on them, do not do this.

To say no, just turn your back and walk away.

Your puppy will think it is losing you as a companion, so it will start behaving.

What to do when I catch my puppy in the act?

You may catch your puppy chewing your sofa. Dogs like to do this.

But you do not need to overreact. Just say its name and make a noise for it to focus on.

That will make your pup change its attitude. You can then give it a bone to chew and praise it.

Should I use my puppy’s name often?

Use the name often, but in positive circumstances. Do not use the puppy’s name while scolding it.

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It will start feeling afraid. Later it will associate the name with fear.

Will my puppy prefer short training sessions?

It will because otherwise, training will be boring.

Even dogs can get bored, and they have a short attention span.

Try with multiple short sessions. They can last about ten minutes.

Longer ones will be stressful for your pup.

How can I educate myself about my puppy’s needs?

There are many commands for your dog. For example, walking on a leash.

You can find so many great videos on the Internet about it.

You can also read magazines and blogs.

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Whatever you do, keep informing yourself until you learn everything.

To conclude, know that you should train your pup from an early age to be successful.

If you follow all these tips, you should find it easy.

Hopefully, your puppy will learn a lot of tricks from you!

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