7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Dogs And Their Noses

7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Dogs And Their Noses

If you have a dog, you should know everything about these animals.

It includes all the interesting facts about their noses!

Boogers, dry noses, and noses changing colors let us teach you some incredible things about dogs and their beautiful snouts!


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Can dogs suffer from respiratory infections?

Dogs sometimes have problems with upper respiratory infections.

They can have allergies. You can notice them struggling with nasal discharge and having watery eyes.

It also happens when something gets stuck in the nose.

Unfortunately, nasal discharge can also occur because of a bacterial infection.

A dog with a polyp or nose tumor also has a runny snout.

If your canine starts patting its nose with its paws, it means it wants to remove the mucus.

Breeds with soft and floppy nose cartilage have a lot of problems with a runny nose.

If you have a flat-faced canine, it probably has this problem as well.


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Why do dogs have a remarkable smell sense?

Compared to humans, dogs have a mind-blowing sense of smell!

They have 200 million smell receptors, and we only have 5 million.

When dogs sniff, it means they are discovering details about each other.

This way, they learn what their companion last ate.

It can also tell them the age of another dog.


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Do dogs have boogers, and why?

Yes, but this does not have to be a big problem.

It can be due to an infection. But if you notice blood, then you should be worried.

Whatever you do, do not ever poke your dog’s nose! If you do it, it will bleed even more.

A runny nose can also indicate your dog has distemper.

Domestic dogs sometimes have this contagious viral disease. Ferrets, skunks, and raccoons can have it too.

If you take care of the vaccination, this should never be a big problem.

Why do the noses of dogs change color?

Fair-colored and sensitive noses can change colors.

It usually happens when a dog is overexposed to the sun rays.

However, during winter, a black nose can become brown or pink.

Have you heard of vitiligo, an immune disease canines can have?

It can make snouts change colors. Using the required nutritional supplements can make things better.

Additionally, dogs noses can change colors because of illness or trauma.

Lupus Erythematosus does this to a dog, but other symptoms of this disease are inflammation and scaly skin.

In this scenario, you will also be able to spot lesions on the ears.

Finally, colors change when dogs start aging. The enzyme that produces pigmentation stops creating color after a specific time.

None of these things should worry you if you visit a vet regularly.


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When can a dog have a wet nose?

There are two reasons for a dog’s wet nose. Better smell or the ability of a dog to maintain itself refreshed.

Did you know that dogs sweat through the pads of the feet? It also happens through the snout.

The mucus you see can melt chemicals in the air and ingest them. Active dogs have more wet noses.

Why is the nose of my dog sometimes too dry?

A dry nose can mean two things.

For example, your four-legged friend just woke from a nap in the sun.

Perhaps they had a rest near a heater.

The other reason can be slight dehydration.

Sometimes it can mean that a dog is sick.

If it lasts long, it is time to see a vet about it.

How do I know it is time for a vet?

If the mucus is yellow, green, or smelly, perhaps you need to be concerned.

It can be an indication that something is not right.

If you get familiar with your dog well, you will notice significant changes. You will also see which changes last long.

Whenever something is odd for more than just a few days, you need to immediately see a vet.


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Hopefully, you will find these details useful.

Do not let your dog have respiratory infection problems, and if there are other issues, use the knowledge from this article.

Did you know these things about snouts?

Comment about it because we will be happy to hear your thoughts!

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