6 Insanely Useful Tips For Giving Your Cat Popcorn

6 Insanely Useful Tips For Giving Your Cat Popcorn

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Popcorn can be a healthy snack for people, but how do cats react to it?

If you want to give your kitty this snack, you need to know several important things!

Flavorings, salt, your cat’s digestive system – keep reading to learn everything about this topic!


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Can I give my cat popcorn with flavorings?

Additives are bad for people, so they are also bad for animals.

Please do not give your feline popcorn with flavorings because it is not healthy!

Avoid a lot of butter. It has too many fats and calories, and there is excessive sodium!

What happens when you give your cat this kind of popcorn? For starters, your cat can have a severe stomachache.

And not to mention there is a risk of sodium poisoning!

For this reason, you should also avoid easy-to-make microwave popcorn.

There may be hidden preservatives and chemicals that can affect your kitty.

Even though pre-made varieties are more delicious, they are a terrible idea.


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Just because popcorn with chocolate and caramel is outstanding, it does not mean they are not the worst!

Always choose popcorn without seasonings instead.

Finally, use only plain popcorn. Popping in the popper is a good idea.

It prevents adding chemicals and preservatives.

What nutrients from popcorn my cat gets?


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Popcorn is a starch-based grain, and this means a lot of carbohydrates.

Cats cannot digest these types of carbs. They do not have enough enzymes in their saliva.

Sure, air-popped and freshly made popcorn are ok for a cat.

But if you think about it, there is nothing here a cat needs.

If we observe cats in the wild, they never eat things like popcorn.

How much is salt bad for my cat?

It is alright to use salt sometimes but in small amounts.

Cats should never overeat of it. Why is this the case? Because of heart problems and blood issues.

If you give you cat salty popcorn, there is a risk of hypernatremia.

No matter how careful we are, there is always salt in our meals. There is no need to add it even more.

After all, this can lead to severe health problems. It goes for both cats and people.


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How can I make it safe for my cat to eat popcorn?

It would help if you fully popped the kernels.

Otherwise, it is going to be tough for your cat to chew.

Keep a close eye on your cat to never eat an unpopped grain. It can be dangerous.

Why shouldn’t my cat eat a lot of popcorn?

Popcorn gives people fiber.

It can make us feel full longer than other foods.

However, vets say cats need these nutrients from other foods.

Popcorn does not offer them enough nutrition.


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Do cats have a sensitive digestive system?

They do.

It would help if you were careful when letting cats try new foods.

These things upset a cat’s stomach.

Cats cannot digest human foods; remember this!

Whenever you try something new, use small amounts.

Overall, popcorn is not that bad for cats, so your cat can have it. But only occasionally!

Do you like giving this snack to your pet?

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