6 Incredible Facts About Chicken Eyesight To Learn Today

6 Incredible Facts About Chicken Eyesight To Learn Today

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How much do you know about chickens?

Do they have excellent or bad eyesight?

How do they perceive colors?


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Do they have fascinating hidden talents?

Here are some surprising facts about them you can learn today!

Keep reading and see for yourself!

Can chickens see in the dark?

Chickens have developed eyesight.

It is not just alright – it is magnificent! But during the night, they do not see everything.

Why is this the case? Well, they evolved from dinosaurs!

And since they did not need to hide in the dark, their night vision never needed to be perfect.


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Can chickens see colors better than people?

As a matter of fact, yes! They see colors better than people.

Yet, there is a downside to it – they have incredibly sensitive eyes.

They even see tiny light fluctuations that humans are not able to.

What strobe lighting is to us, that is fluorescent lighting to them.

It makes them irritable under these lights.


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How do chickens spot bugs?

Did you know chickens are tetrachromatic?

They have four types of cones! They can see primary colors, plus ultraviolet light.

It is what helps them perceive objects better than people. It is also how they spot insects they can eat.

They are perfect for finding seeds and fruits on the dirt or grass.

If that was not impressive, how about this? They can see which chicks are the healthiest ones.

Feathers reflect the UV light. It tells the hen which of its babies are growing faster.

Do chickens have a motion detector?

Accompanied by the UV cone, they have a motion detector located right in their eyes.

Nature gifted them with an additional double-cone structure.

Because of this, they notice slight movements right away.

It helps them with potential prey or a predator.

Do you want to hear another great thing about them? They can see 300 degrees around!

Their eyes are on the sides of their heads, and this makes it possible for them to do it.


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How many eyelids do chickens have?

We are talking about three eyelids!

Their third eyelid is impressive!

Known as the nictating membrane, it slides horizontally over the eye.

It is what protects chickens from dust and debris.

They use it when bathing or rolling in the dirt.

How do chickens sense the presence of the light?

They have an unusual anatomical structure.

The pineal gland helps chickens sense the absence or presence of light.

They know if it is daytime or nighttime, even when they are blind.

But what is even more fascinating is this – chickens can use each eye independently!


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They can focus on different tasks simultaneously while using both eyes, but for different things.

It would be so cool if people knew how to do it, right?

As you can see, chickens are remarkable.

Their eyesight is out of this world.

Can this information help you with your chickens?

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