5 Unknown Facts About Chickens Having Fleas

5 Unknown Facts About Chickens Having Fleas

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Is it possible that a chicken gets fleas?

Can poultry animals have this problem?

To learn this information and more, here is an article about it!


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How can a chicken get fleas?

Chickens like to roll in the dirt, and they spend much time outdoors.

It is not surprising they can attract fleas.

It mostly happens during summertime.

Mites and poultry lice are more common, but fleas can also cause many problems.


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What happens when chickens get fleas?

Chickens with fleas are exasperated and restless.

Fleas cause malnutrition and anemia. They also decrease egg production.

If you have more animals, keep them away from a chicken with fleas.

Not doing it can lead to everyone getting them.

These annoying little parasites attack everyone, and they are fast.

You need to be wise and think of potential solutions right away.

Which types of fleas can my chicken have?

There are many flea species, but we will mention several.

You should be worried about the three types of parasites.

For example, there is the European chicken flea.

The Sticktight flea is also common, just like the Western chicken flea.

The first type is common in America, and they are mostly in the litter.

They are not very dangerous because they attack chickens for a short period.


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But if a chicken is contaminated, watch out your other animals do not get them as well.

People can find the second type where tropical and warmer climates are.

These fleas attach themselves to the head of the chicken. They also attack the vent area.

They do not move, but they are more dangerous than the other two types.

They do not stop until they drain animals.

If you spot dark-colored parasites similar to dog fleas, we are talking about the Sticktight flea.

We can find the last type in the litter among droppings most of the time.

They remain on chickens shortly. There is another name for these parasites, the Black Hen Flea.

They are typical for the Pacific Northwest.


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What should I do if my chickens have fleas?

When your flock gets contaminated, you can clean the coop thoroughly.

Remove the previous bedding and scrub everything. You can use apple cider vinegar.

After cleaning, set new bedding.

ACV is efficient because it disinfects spots thoroughly and decontaminates them from parasites.

You can also use the powder that kills fleas. If you want to rely on nature, use garlic.

Other helpful things are aloe vera lotion, dry fowl shampoo, and chamomile.

But do not use products for dogs or other animals. They can be harmful to chickens.


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How to prevent my chickens from getting fleas?

Clean the coop regularly and thoroughly.

Do not let other peoples animals near your flock because they can be contaminated.

Isolate your poultry and keep them separately for two weeks after bringing them home.

Dust baths are also efficient in destroying parasites.

These facts and tips should help you with your poultry.

Have you ever had a chicken with fleas? What did you do?

Feel free to comment and tell us everything about it!

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