5 Tips On Living With More Than One Cat

5 Tips On Living With More Than One Cat

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If you are a huge cat lover, you probably want to have more than one in your house.

But are there some things you should know in advance?

Absolutely! Here are five tips on living with multiple cats!

Should you provide space for each cat?

We all know that cats are very territorial.

These adorable creatures do not tolerate trespassing.

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They cannot stand when someone new is on their territory.

So, if you have two cats or more, each should have its own space.

Cats find their own space extremely important. They will not be happy without it.

There is even a general rule about it! You can have one cat per bedroom.

However, you can also have one neutral place where they can all be together.

What is the age of your cats?

The age of cats is important in this situation.

Why? If you get them when they are already mature, they might not get along.

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But kittens are easy to train to get used to each other.

So, if you can do it, go for kittens instead of older ones.

Do your cats have certain traits?

How your cat will react to another one also depends on its traits.

If you want to add a new cat to your household, be sure to keep it away from the other cats at first.

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The cat needs to get comfortable enough before meeting others.

Supervise this meeting when it happens. Also, study the breeds.

Get the same or similar ones in your house.

Keep in mind that not all breeds are friendly and adaptable.

Mix the ones with similar traits.

Should each cat have its litter box?

Cats should not share one litter box. It is acceptable for two cats to share one.

But do not let this number get bigger!

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However, it would be best if you provided each cat with its litter box.

This is also the case with food, toys, and water.

Some cats do not mind sharing all these things.

Yet, not every cat likes this. Pay attention to the new cats you bring.

They will probably not be happy to share anything.

What about cats and squabbles?

Do not expect your home always to be peaceful.

Sometimes your cats will not get along. Squabbles can happen.

If you need to diffuse the situation, you can set one cat up in a room with a screen door.

Separate your cats for a while. Please do not put them in the same room right away.

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However, do not isolate a cat for too long. This is not a good idea.

You can do that for a few days, if necessary. But keep in mind it should not be longer than that!

If you want to enrich your home with multiple cats, these are some things you need to know.

Keep them all in mind and observe your cats.

After a while, you will know exactly what to do.

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