5 Tips for Adopting a Stray Cat


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Are you thinking of adopting a rescue cat? Don‘t know how the process works or how to get ready for your pet adoption?

Check these tips out so you can give your new cat a great home.

Consult with a vet before adopting a new cat

If you want a healthy pet, consult a vet. Your new cat faces many communicable diseases.

They can harm your other pets (if you have them). Your vet will tell you all about them.

Does your cat have special needs?

A vet will know this. He can tell you everything that you need to know about your new pet.

Does your cat need spaying or neutering?

You are adopting a cat from the street. Because of this, take care of the vaccinations against rabies. You can also consider spaying and neutering (the removal of the reproductive organs).

This is not obligatory. Before you decide, inform yourself on the matter.


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Is your home environment cat-friendly enough?

Do you have everything for your cat?

You need food, fresh water, and a litter box. These are some basic things.

To get ready for a cat, you will also need some other things. You will need a warm blanket because cats like warmth.

If you prepare some toys as well, your new pet will accommodate faster.

Do you have a special carrier for your cat?

Transporting your cat will be easy if you get a special carrier. However, keep in mind that this can be scary for a cat, especially for the first time.

Cats can go crazy in a carrier, so get your pet gradually accustomed to it.

If your cat gets scared, it can try to run away. It can also injure someone with their claws. In this case, you can try one thing.

Place your cat’s food in the carrier to entice it.

This will make the cat feel more comfortable.

Also, try with short walks around the place to see how it reacts. When you move during the day, give your cat food after you have reached the desired destination. But do not do this if the trip is too long. Your cat will be really hungry.

Do this only if the trip is short.

Will you let your new cat come to you?

Do not pet your cat right away. Let it come to you first.

Gain its trust before anything else. Cats are quite sensitive. It might take some time for them to grow on you. Also, they need time to explore the house.

They do this one room at a time. But do not worry, they are curious!

Eventually they will see the new place as their own territory.

Whatever you do, just be patient! It is the most important thing.


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Even if you have other pets, the cat will eventually get accustomed to their scent.

You can even use the same sock to pet both your cat and your other pets.

Look for a Cozy Nook for Your Cat in Your Home

Cats love hiding spots. They like to hang out in tiny spaces in your home.

They like to wriggle their way into something small like an empty Pringles can or a spare cardboard box.

Having a secure hiding spot is important for making your cat feel safe.

Besides cat-proofing your house, look for quiet places in your home for your new cat to get accustomed to and “hide.”

All cats, whether strays or not, need their own spaces for hideouts. More so with previous strays, since they’re used to having all the space they want.

Your Cat Needs Quiet Time in its New Home

The newly adopted stray cat needs space on its own for a few days.

Look for a suitable place in your home that your cat stays in the meantime. A spare room will do, or a temporarily partitioned space.

For those first few days, try to avoid a face-to-face meeting among the other pets and the new cat.

Try using a towel or sock for petting the new cat then use the same garment in petting the other animals. This will have the animals getting used to each other’s scents.

Do-It-Yourself Cat Toys

Playing games is the best way for your new cat to get accustomed to new people, surroundings, and other pets.

There are many toys which your cat can enjoy playing with, some you can make on your own.

A stick with a piece of string tied to the end or little plastic mouse toys will provide you with endless hours of playtime with your new cat.

Another homemade cat toy you can make is a toilet paper roll. Fold the sides, stick some colored feathers on it and dangle on the doorknob.

Laser pointers aren’t advisable to use for playing with your cat. However, if you do use it, be sure not to point it directly at the cat’s eyes. It will cause injury and blindness.

Cats like to scratch things that remind them of tree bark, so have something like that available for them.

Get All Necessary Supplies

After you’ve become a “cat parent,” be sure to have all the necessary stuff that your new cat needs.

Besides food and water, the next most important stuff is a litter box.

Once you brought your cat to your home, the first thing it would want to do is to use the bathroom. Make sure to set up the litter box in an easily accessible area.

The most common material for the litter box is clay. But mining bentonite clay is costly.

A cheaper alternative has silica added, so it still has the clumping quality.

Other types that you can use are recycled paper and silica-based crystal variants.

Food is also important, so have it available at all times.

Protein in meat is nutritious for cats. It gives them a healthy reproductive system, strong vision, and good hearts.

Small amounts of meat from cooked chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and deli products are the best way to provide them that.

Do not give them raw or spoiled meat, or else they will get sick.

Preparing Your Other Pets for the New Arrival

If you already have another dog or cat in your home, have a way to prepare them for the arrival of the new cat.

If your present pets are excitable and nervous around other animals, have them engage in playdates with other pets before the new cat’s arrival.

Another way is to let your current pets work with a certified trainer for professional guidance.

Also, make sure that the new cat is sociable with other animals. Most animal shelters will test cats with other animals to check if they all get along.

Insurance for Your Cat

First, be sure that investing in pet insurance is within your budget. It is beneficial if you adopt an older cat.

It is financially easier for you when providing your cat’s unexpected expenses.

The details can be confusing, so be sure to read everything, including the fine print.

Depending on your lifestyle, think of adding options like travel insurance and dental care.

Pre-existing conditions might be relevant for a former stray cat, so ask the insurance provider if they would cover that.

Patience is Key for Your New Cat

This transitional period from the animal shelter to your home is a significant time for the cat. It might be scared by the new surroundings and new people, so it’s up to you to give it patience, love, and understanding.

It will take time for the cat to be accustomed to every new thing.

Wait for the cat to get close to you on its terms, and easing them into your lives will take some time.

Wait for the Cat to Come to You

It’s tempting to stroke your new cat.

They are sensitive animals, so they will take their time to get used to the atmosphere and everything around its vicinity.

At this period, it is useless to force your cat to sleep on your lap or close to you. It will run away all the time.

Treat your cat with all the love you can provide for another living thing.

Once the cat will view the situation as safe, it will come to you on its own.

Depending on the Breed and Experience, Some Cats Offer Challenges to the Owners

Stray cats come from difficult and challenging backgrounds. They have behaviors that you will have to take time to adjust.

Not every cat is a good match for each type of family. Some cats are suited for elderly people or children, and some aren’t.

Do a little background research about the particular cat, and be aware that you don’t bring a cat to your home that ultimately isn’t suitable.

A new pet can be overwhelming. Spend some extra time with it and enjoy the kinship that the new pet can give to you.

So, relax and enjoy your new family member!

5 Tips for Adopting a Stray Cat

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