5 Important Instructions On Giving Your Horse Apples

5 Important Instructions On Giving Your Horse Apples

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Apples are sweet, so horses like them too.

But just because they do, does it mean they are right for them?

To learn everything about it, keep reading!


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Can I give apples to my horse?

People do this, and so can you.

They make an excellent treat for a horse!

They are sweet and tasty, but very healthy.

If you need to give your horse medication, try hiding its taste with some applesauce.

How often can my horse eat apples?

Just like with other food, do not exaggerate with apples as well.

They are very beneficial for your horse’s health, but only if it consumes them from time to time.


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If you have never given your horse apples before, you need to be careful.

Its digestive system might need to adapt to this fruit first.

Also, you want to avoid horse colic or laminitis.

Plus, observe how your horse reacts to this fruit.

If it usually eats other types of food, this will be something new and questionable.

If things go wrong, you might even need to visit a vet.

What nutrients can my horse get from apples?

Apples provide people and horses with plenty of nutrients!

There is calcium, which is excellent for bones and muscles, blood, heart, etc.

Then there is phosphorus, also perfect for health in general. Calcium and phosphorus go great together!

We can also thank apples for fiber and vitamins A and C. Even medium-sized ones are rich with these nutrients.


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We can get enough antioxidants, and these incredible compounds inhibit oxidation.

These were only some of the benefits of apples.

This nutritious fruit also helps with diabetes problems, and it can prevent cancer.

If your horse eats them, it should be healthy.

When must not my horse eat apples?

There are circumstances in which horses should not eat apples.

For instance, some horses suffer from hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP). It is a problem with potassium.

It is leaked into a horse’s bloodstream from the muscles continuously.

If your horse has this problem, you need to be careful. It would help if you controlled its intake of potassium.

This situation is an example of when your horse must not eat apples at all.

Any vet would advise you to keep your horse away from this fruit.


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How should I serve apples to my horse?

If you give your horse a whole apple, there is a potential risk.

It is dangerous because it can choke on it.

Apples are hard, and they are not small like berries, so they can be difficult for a horse to swallow them.

But there is a solution – slice up apples into smaller pieces!

They are still delicious and much easier to chew and swallow.

Not to mention, tiny slices are not risky at all!

Remember this information whenever you want to give your horse apples.


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Have you ever done it before?

Does your horse like this fruit?

We want to learn about your experiences, so leave a comment below!

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