5 Awesome Facts About Turtles Eating Tomatoes And More

5 Awesome Facts About Turtles Eating Tomatoes And More

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Does your turtle want to try tomatoes?

If it does, you need to know if you can give them to it.

How suitable are these plants for these adorable creatures?

How often can they eat them?

If you want to know this and more, you came to the right place!


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Can my turtle eat tomatoes?

The answer is yes.

Turtles are allowed to eat them, and they like them.

Tomato is something between a fruit and a veggie, and turtles can eat both.


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How often can my turtle eat tomatoes?

It should not be frequent.

Tomatoes have acid and sugar, and they can make your turtle bloat.

They can also cause diarrhea and more significant problems, like pain and discomfort.

Also, they can create an environment friendly for parasites.

Some turtles do not have certain veggies and fruits in their natural habitats.

For instance, Hermann’s tortoise should not eat tomatoes. This vegetable is unknown to them.


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What turtle breeds like tomatoes the most?

Aquatic turtles seem to enjoy tomatoes more than some other types.

These are box turtles, tortoises, red-eared sliders, and snapping turtles.

Each of them should have a different diet, but all these species like tomatoes.

To be sure what food your turtle needs, you need to ask your vet about it.

Some breeds do not like tomatoes, and some do, but they cannot eat them.

Vets know everything about the preferences of different turtles.

What else should my turtle eat?

Some turtles are herbivores, and others are carnivores or omnivores. They have different diets.

Turtles mostly eat pellets and certain veggies that give them vitamins.

However, you cannot make a mistake with commercial pet food for turtles.


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Turtles mostly enjoy leafy greens

, but they also like beans, beets, corn, yams, peas, and carrots.

You can try giving them grapes, cantaloupes, apples, kiwis, bananas, strawberries, and mangoes too.

But be careful because they have much sugar.

Surprisingly, turtles also like flowers.

Did you know that about them? They can eat petunias, carnations, dandelions, and geraniums.

It is something you can ask your vet.

There are types of flowers they can eat, but do not give them everything! It can be dangerous!

Will my turtle eat insects in my garden?

If you have a pond in your garden, keep your turtle there.

It can eat insects that destroy your flowers.

The best part is your turtle will not harm your plants in any way!

Lastly, it is perfect if you grow tomatoes there. Your turtle can eat them in your garden.

You can keep these plants in cages designed for them.

But it would help if you were careful your turtle does not run away.

They are slow, but still, they move, and they can go far.


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If you let your turtle eat in your garden, monitor it! You can put a fence to stop your turtle from leaving the house.

To conclude, turtles can eat tomatoes sometimes.

This vegetable is not just healthy for people.

Do you like it more than your turtle?

We will be happy to hear about your experiences in a comment!

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