4 Useful Things To Know About Cat Diabetes

4 Useful Things To Know About Cat Diabetes

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Cats can have diabetes, just like people.

If your cat is going through this, you need to know what to do.

What are the symptoms? How to control it?

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This article serves to give you some useful advice.

How do I know my cat has diabetes?

If your cat is predisposed to this disease, you will be able to notice it.

For example, if it has diabetes mellitus, it will not produce sufficient insulin to balance the levels of blood sugar or glucose.

What does this mean? Weight loss, loss of appetite, severe depression, and dehydration all of this.

Unfortunately, cats can even slip into a coma.

If you do not consult your vet about it, it can die.

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So, the minute you notice your cat is always thirsty, it is time for the vet!

If your cat is obese too, then do not think twice about calling the vet right away!

How to control my cat’s diabetes?

Since we don’t usually test the glucose levels in cats, preventing diabetes is almost impossible.

But the good thing is that it can be controlled.

Even when your cat has a genetic predisposition for it, you can do things to make everything easier.

For instance, try to get your cat’s blood sugar back in the normal parameters.

How can you do it? Well, your cat needs to be on a specific diet.

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It can make diabetes go into remission for months.

If you are lucky, we are talking about years.

What is the right diet for my cat?

Diabetic cats need to be fed with things a vet would recommend.

For instance, they need fiber and protein.

You can never make a mistake with a low carbohydrate diet.

Fibers are fantastic because they have few calories, but they make your cat full.

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Also, proteins will not let your cat lose muscle mass.

You will also be in charge when it comes to measuring food.

Plus, monitoring your cat’s weight is a great idea! Diabetic cats must not eat anything sweet, so do not give them treats.

Treats are a big no!

Additionally, try to convert your cat to twice daily feedings.

This should be enough. Please do not give it food when it is not the time for it.

If you love your cat, its health should be the most important to you.

Do not give your cat your leftovers just because you do not want to throw them away.

What will a vet do about my cat’s diabetes?

First of all, vet visits include blood tests.

They can help discover diabetes early.

But even when this happens, it is impossible to cure this disease.

At least it can never be cured completely.

Additionally, your vet will give you great advice.

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They do it while taking care of the insulin shots.

Listen to your vet and take notes. This can come in handy!

Now that you have read all of this, you do not need to worry.

You will always know what to do for your cat.

Even though this is a lifelong commitment, you can do it!

Just remember that your cat deserves all the love you can give to it.

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