4 Things You Need To Know About Your Cat’s Behavior

Cats like to purr, knead, bring us dead things, and eat our plants.

But why do they do all these things? And more importantly, what do we need to do in these situations?

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Let’s learn right away!

Why does my cat purr all the time?

The answer is simple. Your cat is happy! When you hear it purr, just enjoy it.

After all, purring is very healthy. It stimulates a cat’s bone growth and healing.

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This is also how a cat relieves stress. Cats can feel uneasy or agitated, just like humans.

They can start purring to relax. But this is not only healthy for them!

It is also remarkable for their owners. It is healing.

If you feel pain, this can come in handy!

For example, if you have a stomachache, put your cat on your stomach.

When it starts to purr, you will feel much relieved.

How to explain my cat’s kneading?

Cats are quirky. They do weird things, like kneading!

They look like they are baking dough when they do it.

It can be adorable to look at. But do you know why they do this?

For example, kittens help the nursing process this way. Later they just get used to it.

This can mean they are happy and very content.

If you see them do it, it can also mean they are just being playful.

They can even start chewing your hair or clothes.

Sometimes they do it when they are anxious or hungry, though. Give them food right away.

Why does my cat bring me dead things?

Cats are little predators. They are cute as a button, but to mice, they are scary.

They are born hunters.

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Their instincts tell them to hunt and kill creatures like mice and lizards.

In the wild, mothers teach their kittens how to hunt right away.

Domesticated animals do this less frequently because they already have food.

Still, they use every opportunity to pursue!

They give us dead things for two reasons.

They either see this as a gift or show us they can take care of themselves.

If you do not want a dead animal in a specific room, keep your cat away from it.

If it is already there, use gloves to remove it.

How to stop my cat from eating house plants?

Cats can also be bored. They often eat our house plants when they feel this way.

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Other reasons for this are purgatives. They help cats with the hairball passage.

You can do several things! Get fake plants instead of real ones.

If you do not want this, keep your cat away from the plants that are real.

There are also some bitter detergents you can use.

Spray plants with them, and your cat will not touch them.

Cats are special, and we can never be mad at them.

But why not prevent them from eating our plants or bringing us dead animals?

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Now you have all the answers that you need. Use your wisdom!

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