4 Steps of Grooming Your Cat Properly

Cats need grooming to be healthy and beautiful.

But they cannot always groom themselves, and cat groomers can be expensive.

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This is why we often want to do this job.

So, let’s learn how to do it properly in 4 steps!

How can I brush my cat properly?

Cats need regular brushing. But they hate being restrained.

If you need to do it, be gentle and patient. Let your cat come to you.

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Cats with short hair require fine-tooth metal combs.

You need to go from the head to the tip of the tail when brushing your cat’s coat.

If you spot specks, this can be a sign of fleas.

After combing, use a bristle to remove the hair that is still loose.

You can also go for a soft rubber brush. Do this once a week, perhaps twice.

For long hair, you will need a wide-tooth comb.

With it, you can remove the debris caught in the coat but also untangle the knots if they formed at some point.

This is painful for cats, so be very gentle.

You can also use some wire, a bristle brush, or a toothbrush to remove loose hair. Do it every day.

What to do during my cat’s bath time?

Cats clean themselves with teeth and their tongues, so they need little bathing.

You can bathe them when they are sticky or have fleas. Even then, you do it just a little bit.

When you do bathe them, the water needs to be lukewarm.

You also need a special shampoo.

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They make them for cats, so do not use the one for people!

Moreover, you need a rubber bath mat for the sink and or a tub.

The water needs to be three or four inches high. Let your cat get used to the water first.

Do not put water into its eyes, ears, or nose!

You start with the head, then go for the rest of the body.

Be careful with the belly because it is sensitive.

When you rinse the shampoo, pat your cat dry with a towel.

Do not use a hair drier. Also, include praises and treats during the whole process!

How do I give my cat a pedicure?

Trim your cat’s claws regularly. This is not difficult.

Do it one claw at a time.

Cats get used to it, so they start enjoying the whole process.

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First, you need to massage the feet.

If you gently press your thumb on the cat’s toes’ pad, the claws will extend.

Use clippers made for this specifically. You need sharp ones so that the cat does not feel the pain.

Cut only the white tips. Do it every second week.

How important is my cat’s teeth hygiene?

Cats are sensitive to plaque, tartar, and other mouth diseases.

Their teeth hygiene is everyday work.

You have soft brushes with a handle for this.

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But know that cats hate when someone touches their teeth. Consult a vet about it.

When you massage your cat’s gums with the soft brush, make circular movements.

The exterior part needs to be cleaned the most. This part can decay easily.

Your cat deserves the best.

If you learn things like how to brush your cat and even give it a nice pedicure, you do not need to worry.

It will always be healthy and alluring.

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