November 2020

Do Chicken Eat Strawberries_

Do Chicken Eat Strawberries? Interesting Facts you Should Know About Chicken

Just by mentioning strawberries, I bet you are salivating. Photo Credits You are not to blame though, these fruits are deliciously sweet but… Do chickens really find strawberries as mouth-watering as we humans do? It’s a big yes. Surprised? Here is a more interesting fact… Chickens seem to get crazily in love with these fruits

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Dog Therapy

Dog Therapy

Dog therapy is a practice in which dogs act as a caregiver to human beings. Why use dog therapy? Dogs have a natural tendency to love and be loved. Photo Credits The right type of dog can show affection and care. It can work selflessly without the expectation of any reward. Where can dog therapy

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Neutering Male Dogs

Technically known as orchiectomy or gonadectomy, neutering or sterilizing a dog means removing the dog’s testicles to lose its capacity to reproduce. Why would you want your dog neutered? There are many reasons for which you might like to neuter your dogs. Photo Credits For starters, they help in controlling canine population growth. As a

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Feeding Cats

Feeding Cats

As with humans, both the quality and quantity of food are essential for maintaining a perfect healthy cat. The right balance of nutrients should be given to cats in the right amounts at the correct times. Should I regulate the quantity of food given to the cat? Cats are not among those animals that can

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