10 Cat Breeds You Will Adore

Can we ever get enough of cats?

No way! The Exotic Shorthair, the Siamese, the Maine coon – we love them all! We even prepared a list of 10 breeds that are simply irresistible!

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Keep reading and see which one is the best for you!

Are you familiar with the Exotic Shorthair cat breed?

This friendly breed is perfect for families.

The Exotic Shorthair likes other animals. They are also great with kids.

They live long, and they are very healthy. You can find them in many colors.

People enjoy this breed a lot.

Are you familiar with the Abyssinian cat breed?

They are curious about their surroundings. This is an intelligent breed.

If you give them things, they like to throw them off the furniture.

They are very playful. However, they want a lot of attention.

Are you familiar with the Birman cat breed?

This is one of the most active breeds. They do not need much attention.

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Because of their predisposition towards getting over-weight, you need to be careful about it.

They should not be around a lot of food.

Are you familiar with the Persian cat breed?

This breed is not as friendly as some others. They do not like guests and strangers.

However, they are very calm. They are easy to groom.

They require weekly brushing. They come in different colors.

Are you familiar with the Maine coon cat breed?

They are giant and adorable, and their voice is beautiful.

There is some flaw, though. They can get kidney disease or hip dysplasia, and they can get up to 12 pounds.

You will need to give them a lot of food.

Are you familiar with the Oriental cat breed?

They have a silky coat and eyes of different colors.

They tend to bond with one person only.

They become loyal to that person and no one else. They are very loveable, though.

Are you familiar with the Ragdoll cat breed?

These large cats like water. Their coat is silky and of medium size.

You can teach them a lot of things. You will like how quiet and affectionate they are.

Are you familiar with the Siamese cat breed?

They are brilliant but quiet, and they need a lot of attention.

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You can train them. They can even learn things other breeds cannot. They are perfect for children.

Are you familiar with the American Shorthair cat breed?

They are gentle and social. With a beautiful coat pattern, they make such cuties!

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They can live for up to twenty years. They are popular in the US the most.

Are you familiar with the Sphynx cat breed?

This one stands out. They have no hair, which makes them adorable.

People allergic to cats can go for this breed. They require little grooming.

Keep them indoors most of the time. You will like how brilliant they are!

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If you do not know which breed to get, hopefully, this list will help you decide!

These cats are all beautiful and charming. Which one is your favorite?

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